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CoSoSys introduces Endpoint Protector Data Loss Prevention for Linux. Monitor, control and lockdown USB and peripheral ports, as well as confidential data leaving the Linux machine.

Faronics Insight release 7.81.2340 is now available for download. This release includes improved usability for screen sharing in Chromebook.

Faronics Deep Freeze now supports Dropbox and Google Drive.
Faronics My Cloud Drive lets user data be saved directly to the Cloud.
a) Users save their work directly to their preferred Cloud Drive. b) No longer a need to provide network shares to users. c) No data is retained on the computer once the file is saved. d) None of the cloud data is downloaded on the computer. Only the files that the user needs to use gets downloaded.

Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise release 8.3 now supports Windows 10
Enhancements in this release include Configurator Generator, Smarter Windows Updates, Remote Launch, Dynamic Groups, Format Thawspace, Touchscreen Hotkey.


Founded in 1990, Computer Brokers International is an Irish company specialising in IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Working closely with our clients, we offer innovative products that help reduce the costs and complexities of running your enterprise. Our focus is on tailoring technology solutions to your individual needs, allowing you to focus on running your business.

CBI is the Country Partner for Faronics software in the Republic of Ireland. We are also an authorised reseller for ESET. We offer our clients a wide range of network solutions, including wireless networks. In relation to hardware we are non-vendor specific because we believe as a service company we should be able to provide the best equipment to suit our clients requirements.

As well as catering for corporate clients, we have a proven track record in assisting schools, colleges, and universities with their IT needs. We also have a proven record of equipping educational establishments with computing facilities such as networks, computer laboratories and management software.


CBI & Faronics

CBI is the country partner for Faronics in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Dedicated to reducing support costs, eliminating downtime and increasing user productivity, Faronics enterprise capable software actively protects any multi-user environment.

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